Why You Should Consider Skill Trade As A Career

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Skill Trade is a good career choice. As a trader, apart from your education as a graduate, you are open to so many experience, skills in addition to you knowledge.

What if there are millions of well paid job opportunities, should you rather choose trade? Well, a common thought could look at a graduate who had spend 5 years studying in the university only to realize there is no job in the society for him. And that had being the mindset of many to work in an oil company after school. Only very few live to a dream closer to it. How about the rest?

Back then in the secondary school years, we used to jokingly tell our peers “if you don’t do something will do you.”

I know a few people with well paid white-collar job. To some point, some of them go into one investment or the other. On like those who live and depend completely on the job, the difference is very clear.

That you went to school, now working is not a guarantee you will never be broke. If you have come across one graduate who is now a taxi driver in the UK, then be sure to have them in numbers in Nigeria. That is not to say that school is not important, it is as important as the normal routine of brushing your teeth in the morning, taking your birth and ensuring you eat your meal.

Education is very necessary. It helps you have a stable career. Most people believe in that degree. To them, it is the key to success. That is true though ‘for some, many others build their success and future without degree. That tells you that degree do not offer good living but time and chance happen to both a degree holder and those without a degree. Depending on what you aspire to become, getting a degree to back it up becomes necessary for a trader and those seeking for a white-collar job.

In work places today, people end up working in different field aside what they spend years to study in college. They earn lower than they work for ‘that is if they even have one doing. But you see a person with skill, even when degree fail, the training awakes to opportunities and you can start your business or apply for a befitting job in company of your choice.

Trade, as a career is a good choice. Degree can fail but you see trade, If you face and manage the risks in business you can’t fail. If you trade you can be open to so many opportunities a white-collar job won’t give you. Whether you are a mechanic, electrician or transporter, opportunities are everywhere.

Skill trade is a profession that doesn’t require a degree. It is as beneficial as white-collar profession. You may be doing your studies right now but I encourage you to have one thing in mind. Should after school there is no job what would you do? And you know, the amazing thing is you can trade while in school.

What You Need To Trade

i. Money: Before your wrap yourself with fear. When I decided to start trading with my skill I had below 5k with me. That was below 35 dollar then. I got a few tools with it and spoke to a friend who help with space to start. It was a gradual process to where I am now. You don’t need a whole lot of money to start, start small.

ii. Skill: You need knowledge on the trade you want to venture into. To roast a sweet corn by the road side you need to know the how. I have bought roasted corn a few time and swear never to return there for another. If you are going into trade, Learn that skill and resume with experience. You can pay a little fee to gain a skill of your choice. Either you learn from a road side firm or get a degree at any trade college near you. Either of the two will offer you long term opportunity. Practically learning to become a mechanic is far different from reading the course. This is because you are going to be working on projects you want to make money from. While learning on the job you will get the experience you need. In no time you are going to start earning income and make a good living.

iii. Conduct: If you have patience to learn trade under a Boss before embarking on starting your own you will probably learn a lot on how to manage yours. You are going to definitely apply those observations you got while learning. like;
* Ways to attend to your clients
* Your feedback when they return with complain
* Winning them: you’ve heard the saying ‘customer is always right. Allowing this to blend is a big task because as a business owner, 2% to 5% of your customers are going to return with complain. Your responds here will determine whether you are going to win them or lose them.

There are lot of opportunities for you as a plumber; or whether you are a carpenter, mechanic, welder or electrician, there are demands for your services. There is no trade that is not always in demand. Instead of carrying pots of dept on you head, I encourage you to consider trading. It will solve many of your financial problems tomorrow.

I will share an article on “Starting Your Own Career” soon. While that is on the way, you can hold on to…



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