Widows empowerment at the FWC women of excellence convention.

One of the major empowerment programmes in the FWC women of excellence is widow’s empowerment. This is done to encourage it’s members nationwide.

The FWC women of excellence convention which begins monday 3rd march is on the go. Part of the event today being day 3 into the convention was a pulse to empower the widows Those nominated nominated for empowerment are bonafied members of the ministry who met the criteria. A lot of the widows went home with Deep freezers; 1.2 kg Generator while many more were empowered with cash ranging from N25,000 – N100,000 each.

Many others went home with items provided to start and enhance their businesses.

Addressing the audience, the president of the FWC Women of Excellence,  Mrs. Dorothy George Ufot says the empowerment programme is to encourage every members to take part in every activities. It is also to encourage those who did not take it serious wake up, she said.

Ministering at the convention was Bishop Funbi Addo. She speaks on the theme: through the eye of the lioness. Some of the key things she said are;

i. any taste you go through that you cannot empower others means you have failed.

ii. whatever challenge you go through as a woman dose not stop you from been a woman, it makes you a superwoman.

iii. as a woman, you are stronger than you ever imagine you are.

iv. the peculiar thing about the lioness is the fact that they can see clearly.

v. educated or not, every woman is strong, smart, intelligent and valueable.

vi. there are extral things that God put in a woman that makes her extra-ordinary woman.

vii. every organ a man has a woman has but there is one extra organ a woman has that man do not have and that is the womb.

viii. every woman has patience, love, she express and experience faith.

ix. as a woman, you have the nature of God and the ability to function like your maker.

x. a woman knows how to produce from what she is given because she is not branded to be stranded, she is too strong to be weak.

xi. you can bring treasure out of your pains.

xii. the best gift to every woman or man is the word of God.

xiii. it is the word of God that makes you the extraordinary woman.

xiv. what the world says is impossible is possible if you look through the lens of the word of God.

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