You Don’t Have To Wait! You Can Start Now

By starting your own business, you are going to learn and know a lot. No matter how small the business is, you are surely going to be better off than your very best friend who sits and not do anything.

Do you know that richest people in the world are basically business men?

I have never regretted leaving my job to start small. Relax, let me tell you the story.

Before then, I want you to know, any writer who want the best for you will not hide telling you the truth about them. And that is what I intend to do in my writings. I am giving you raw so you can get the experiences behind every victory stories and also have in mind the rough part you are going to see in your journey there. Those rough experiences will keep you strong as you journey.

Working in several firms actually helped but what helped me most was the decision to face the risks. There are risks in business and that is the number one fear a beginner have.

When I was going through training in preparation to start working I used to meet with people who have been in the system working for 6 – 10 years without any tangible thing to show. Most of them were still carrying CV in search for job and I’m not kidding, that really barvils me. Within me I felt I cannot be in that mess hence to work and save money. Working for four years and having those little salaries spend on needs like clothing, shoes, food, house rent, light bill and lot more was really a challenge. When I finally decide to start my hustle I had many fears like;

Where do I start from

How do I finance it

What if I fail?

Considering the competitions, ‘who will patronize me?

Though those fears were there, I was made up from the inside and that helped my fears. I have never regretted leaving my job to start small. I mean ‘very!!! low start. That your small business can turn you a millionaire and a billionaire in future.


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Truth be said, there are job that pay more. Depending on your field of study, getting such jobs is 5 out of 100. You don’t have to sit back because it doesn’t fall that way for you. Self employed will pay you. You may need to work in a structured organisation, gather some money to guard you establish your own.

The main challenge I want to leave with you is to get some stuff done. Instead of waiting for a white collar job, be ready to face the risk. When I started, I used to spend 30k buying used laptops and reselling later. Some elderly business men used to kai me for taking most of the strong risks I took. I already made up my mind to face the risk because I understand life is risk and those risks actually paid me more. Of a truth, there were times those used items had issues and I end up losing but I always recover those loses from other like items.

Please note, you don’t have to be rugged to survive in the business environment. It is not everybody that will love to patronize you. Some will come once, feel dissatisfied with your service and never come back. Don’t feel bad if that be the case. But make sure you are keeping your own part of the best, be sincere and don’t play game. If you are into buying and selling, buy good stuff and sell at good price. You will still make profit.

Most importantly, I challenge you today, go out there and get some stuff started, don’t wait.

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